Devan’s Airforce Base Adventure


Meet Devan! Devan is 15 years old, and he loves to play video games, listen to rock and roll music, and learn about fighter jets. Devan has cystic fibrosis, but he has been very brave in his journey with this illness. He has not let it prevent him from getting to spend time with friends and enjoy some of his favorite activities.

Devan was referred to Make-A-Wish by one of his nurses. Devan and his family were so excited for this opportunity, and the first step in his wish journey was to meet with two wish granters from the Make-A-Wish team to determine his wish. This process was simple, because Devan knew exactly what he wanted.

“After I saw the Blue Angels fly over North Texas during the COVID pandemic, I fell in love with fighter jets and the Air Force,” He shared.

Devan comes from a military family – his grandpa, step-grandpa and stepbrother served in the Air Force, and his brother served in the Marines and the Army. His wish was to visit the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, so the Make-A-Wish team began planning his trip.

Devan was so excited when it was time for his wish, and his family headed to Nevada. They received a warm welcome when they arrived at the Nellis Air Force Base, and the day began! Devan got to take a tour of the base, see some of his favorite aircraft vehicles, sit inside a military truck, and was presented with some gifts so he could remember this trip forever. Devan was so thankful and happy at the end of his day at the air force base – it was a dream come true. Devan and his family also got to enjoy a day in Vegas and made a few more memories before heading home.

This visit to the Nellis Air Force Base was very special to Devan because of his family ties to the military and his love of fighter jets, and it is always going to have such a big impact on him and his family. This wish gave them time to bond as a family, as well as give Devan hope to continue facing his critical illness with courage and to be brave, like the men and women who are brave every day serving in the military.

Thanks for helping us grant wishes like Devan’s!