Lynetta’s Reunion with Her Best Friend

Lynetta is sassy, friendly and generous. She loves all things Disney, playing outside and arts and crafts. The last few years have been difficult for Lynetta as she’s battled cancer, but she has exhibited strength through every treatment and appointment.

After Lynetta was referred to Make-A-Wish by someone on her medical team and found out her wish was going to be granted, she was elated! Lynetta understood the importance of a wish, and she had so many incredible ideas for the type of experience she wanted. She chatted with her wish granters and parents and decided on the perfect wish—a road trip to Ohio to visit her best friend Lila!

Lynetta and Lila met at daycare when they were just a few years old, and they quickly formed a close friendship as they spent their days playing and learning together. A few years ago, Lila and her family moved from Texas to Ohio, and both girls were devastated.

They kept their friendship strong by talking on the phone and sending snail mail, but they weren’t able to get together in person for several years. As Lynetta’s health improved and things began to fall into place for a visit, Lynetta knew that a wish to spend quality time with her best friend would bring her so much joy and happiness!

When it was time for Lynetta to head to Ohio, she was so excited. She spent the entire road trip talking about how she couldn’t wait to hug her best friend again. When Lynetta and her family arrived, a surprise police escort led them straight to Lila’s house! The girls had the sweetest reunion—many tears were shed, hugs were exchanged and giggles filled the air.

Lynetta and Lila spent a few days exploring aquariums and museums, dressing up for a fun photoshoot with a white horse and jumping on trampolines at SkyZone. It was the perfect trip!

“I would like to say thank you to Make-A-Wish for making my daughter’s dreams come true…kids like Lynetta need that kind of moment, because not only is that child going through it, but their loved ones are going through it, too,” Lynetta’s mom LaCambrise said.

Lynetta and her family will reflect on the memories made and hope found through this heartwarming wish for years to come!